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Looking for an OGC Sorceress? A Ruby on Rails Queen? Or a Joyent Diva?

We've got your solutions! Enabling your geospatial data via Open Geospatial Consortium Standards, Full life cycle development of Ruby on Rails applications, utilizing BDD and Agile development; System administration and best practices for local hosting, deployment, and Joyent Accelerators.

Linda Derezinski


Yes: US Citizen


  • M.S., Computer Science. Johns Hopkins University Baltimore, MD
  • B.S., Computer Science, minor Mathematics Towson State University Towson, MD


Go, Node.js, Ruby, Java, AJAX, JavaScript, Perl, Python, C++, C, JSP, SQL, XML, XSLT, XSL, MSXML, PHP, UML, ASP, Bash Script, and others.


Ruby on Rails, XMPP, WFS, SAS, SOS, SPS, SOAP, J2EE, Servlets, Applets, Java Server Faces, JFaces, ODBC, JDBC, ASP, CORBA, Orbixtalk, NDDS, JavaCC, Motif, and others.


Looker, Snowflake, Visualstudio Code, GitHub, GeoBliki, Community Mapbuilder, Typo, Hieraki, TextMate, RubyFit, WildFire, SVN, WebLogic, Slack, HtmlParser, Web Services, ANT, JXTA, JUnit, FreeTTS, MS Visual C++ and MFC, YACC, Lex, PostgresSQL, postGIS, MySQL, Purify, CVS, MATLAB, LABViews, LABWindows, JBuilder, Visual Slick Edit and others.


Open Source Committer

GeoBliki Project Steering Committee - OGC SWE data node which is a geo spatial Blog Wiki.

RubyRools Rools is a pure Ruby rules-engine. Its goal is to abstracting business logic and program-flow.

Community MapbuilderProject Steering Committee - MapBuilder is a powerful, standards compliant geographic AJAX mapping client.

Innovative Solutions Inc. Essex, Maryland 2004-Present

NASA ESTO Rapidfire (MODIS, EO1, Ikhana UAV). Sensor web meeting societal needs for detecting wildfires. Utilizing GeoBliki on the GEOS, OGC’s OWS-5 in addition to the ESTO projects.

Joyent Support Specializing in deploying Ruby on Rails applications onto Joyent Accelerators.

GeoBliki An open source project which publishes geospatial data from a sensor. The first GeoBliki is publishing NASA EO-1 data. Currently involved in setting the standards for discovering and accessing Web-resident sensors with Open Geospatial Consortium OWS-4 SWE testbed. Social Network Analysis (SNA) supporting both Friend of a Friend and VCard formats. We have incorporated other open source products into GeoBliki; Hieraki, Typo, Rools, Opinion, and Community Mapbuilder to name a few.

ASD/NII Unclassified Information Sharing System (UISS) Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief (HADR) program to get unclassified data into the hands of NGO. A Drupal based Decision Support System(DSS) Utilizing GeoBliki data nodes and Community MapBuilder. Implementing OGC standards for back end architecture.

Support Naval Research Lab Virtual Mission Operation Center (VMOC) Utilizing OpenGIS Visualization tools. Simple/Complex Web Feature Servers, GIS Publish and Subscribe using XMPP and Instant Messaging clients. GIS Savvy IM clients, SmartGIS, TreeMap for Visualization

Support Naval Research Lab Tactical Maritime Awareness (TMA) Maritime Awareness is an enterprise problem that deals with static or moving geographic information coming from a multitude of sensors. Automated Identification System (AIS) is routinely collected from the ground and very soon from space to increase situational awareness. Utilizing OpenGIS Visualization tools. Displaying tracks on MapBuilder.

Support United State Coast Guard Vessel Tracking Program (VTP) Common Distributed Virtual Database and Information Extraction (CDVD/IE). Real-time information fusion in a peer-to-peer network architecture will facilitate exchange of data in real-time as it gets collected from various means. Utilizing OpenGIS WFS, WMS specifications. Web Services interfacing with Jabber and AT&T Natural Voices. Integration into GCCS-J ABA Alert Server and Clients.

Support Marines Universal Communication Interface Module (UCIM) Web services integrating legacy radios

Interface & Control Systems Inc. Columbia, Maryland 1997-2004

Product Development Manager

Responsibilities include technical lead and management of SCL COTS product which autonomously monitors and control of military and scientific satellites, simulations, tactical communications, and e-Commerce applications.

Responsible for the entire development cycle. Bringing new technologies into the product line. Design/develop, implement/integrate, and test software packages and enhancements for the SCL product.

Provided Engineering services on the following projects: General Avionics Test Bed, Optical Test Bed, Remote Intelligent Monitoring System (RIMS), JHU/APL Far Ultra-Violet Spectroscopic Explorer: Autonomous Flight Payload Controller and Control Center, Lockheed Martin: SBIRS High Software Support, AEHF, ASTF, SCS-21 Software Support, AEROJET SBIRS High Test Software Support, Honeywell X33 Embedded Controller.

Shimadzu Software Development Columbia, Maryland 1990-1997

Project Leader

System and software analysis, design, development, and maintenance of PC controlled scientific instrumentation.

Lead the Chromatography group which developed a dynamic application where MDI windows are connected at run time. Utilizing OLE, ActiveX and COM technologies. This software controls both Gas and liquid chromatography instrumentation.

Designed, Coded, Implemented, multi-language software for UV-Vis Instruments. (English, Japanese, German and Spanish)


Kickboxing, Sailing, Windsurfing, photography, Volleyball, Table Tennis, Running, Music, Computers.